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Legacy One Real Estate has firmly established itself as the preeminent choice for individuals seeking to buy or sell residential and commercial properties in Florida. What sets Legacy One apart is their unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction and their comprehensive understanding of the dynamic real estate market in the region. With a team of seasoned professionals who possess a wealth of experience, Legacy One offers clients invaluable guidance throughout the entire real estate process. From the initial consultation to closing the deal, their experts go above and beyond to ensure that clients’ needs and preferences are not only met but exceeded.

One of Legacy One’s standout qualities is their adeptness at tailoring their services to match the unique requirements of each client. They recognize that no two transactions are alike and treat each one with the attention it deserves. This personalized approach not only fosters strong client relationships but also contributes to their impressive success rate. Legacy One’s deep-rooted connections within the Florida real estate industry provide clients with access to a vast network of resources, including off-market opportunities and potential buyers. By combining their local expertise with a commitment to integrity and transparency, Legacy One Real Estate consistently proves itself as the go-to choice for those looking to navigate the intricate landscape of Florida’s real estate market.

Our Realtor  Team

We recognize that no two transactions are alike and treat each one with the attention it deserves. This personalized approach not only fosters strong client relationships but also contributes to their impressive success rate.

Car Dealer Team Member
Michelson Aristhyl

Agency Broker – Lic# BK339248


Michelson is a highly experienced and accomplished Real Estate Broker, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. He is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida, and has a proven track record of success in helping clients buy and sell properties throughout the Southwest Florida area.

Michelson’s extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, combined with his exceptional negotiation skills and commitment to providing exceptional customer service, have made him a trusted advisor and advocate for his clients. He takes pride in his ability to quickly understand his clients’ unique needs and goals, and works tirelessly to ensure their satisfaction throughout every step of the buying or selling process.

Whether working with first-time homebuyers or seasoned investors, Michelson is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their real estate objectives, and strives to exceed their expectations in every way possible. With his deep knowledge of the local market, his unparalleled work ethic, and his unwavering commitment to his clients’ success, Michelson is an invaluable asset to anyone looking to buy or sell property in the Southwest Florida area.

Car Dealer Team Member
Tyrone “Ty” Belford

Sales Agent – Lic# SL3570226


Ty Belford has been working within the web design and online marketing arena for over 20 years. As the owner of one of S.W. Florida’s most successful marketing agencies, Ty has specialized in supporting startup companies, small businesses and minority owned businesses for more than a decade. During his time helping hundreds of business owners create equity through the growth of their businesses, Ty realized the importance of all forms of equity to include acquiring real estate.

At this time, Ty is only dedicating his time as a realtor to helping individuals and organizations purchase real estate property. Rather it be a first time home purchase, commercial real estate, investment property or an income property, Ty is committed to ensuring that you are able to acquire the real estate that will best serve your interest. Ty has decided not to serve as a listing agent and focus 100% attention on helping individuals purchase real property throughout the state of Florida.

If you are a first time home buyer, just wanting to purchase a lot of land, looking to purchase commercial property or seeking to add an investment property to your portfolio, Ty will provide you with unmatched dedication and concierge level of service.

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We are committed to helping our clients perform successful and informed real estate transactions, while contributing to the overall fabric of the community.

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